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We are looking for an ✨ Assistant Coach ✨ that will help Gen's Gym deliver an EXTRAORDINARY experience to clients in our 12-Week Online Coaching Program, that allows women to become healthy and FINALLY find confidence. You would literally change people’s lives WHILE working from home everyday.

(& I’ll be the first one to tell ya that it’s both amazing and exhilarating🙌😍)

Gen's Gym, LLC - Assistant Coach


  • Gen's Gym, LLC is a vibrant, innovative, and growth-oriented online health and fitness coaching company. We wholeheartedly help women simplify healthy living to make it sustainable over the long term. We are energized by having a hand in changing lives from our homes every day and seeing others succeed. We strive to be innovative and effective to ensure the continuous growth of our clients, staff, and company operations.



  • Are you ready to change lives every day from the comfort of your own home? The Assistant Coach will provide personalized administrative support remotely in a well-organized and timely manner for Gen's Gym, LLC. This position would ensure the streamlining of communication, efficient delivery of company operations, and management of administrative tasks in order to increase back-office productivity. With the proper and timely completion of the Assistant Coach duties, this will ensure the continual elevation of the client membership experience and the execution of the mission of the company, to be about being better.

  • The assistant coach position will start part time (approximately 15-25 hours per week) with the potential to go full time after a 90 day probationary period.


  • Deal with incoming emails, messages, comments, calls, or inquiries on behalf of either party, acting as a liaison when appropriate.

  • Filter and streamline communications and meetings that require the response or presence of the CEO.

  • Responsible for sitting in on meetings not absolutely necessary of CEO and taking notes to provide to the CEO afterwards.

  • Ensure weekly-check in emails are sent to each client.

  • Report weekly-check in forms and relay necessary information to the CEO.

  • Hold clients accountable to completing required forms or rescheduling coaching calls.

  • Lead new client Orientation Calls for Gen's Gym and ensure the completion of the onboarding process. This includes, but is not limited to, the client registering on appropriate websites required for the Academy, the generation of the client progress tracking sheet, reminding the client until receiving the homework due prior to orientation and ensuring that it is submitted to Academy satisfaction and expectation, and that the Welcome Package is mailed to and received by the client.

  • Attend & facilitate small-group coaching calls in order to update the progress tracking sheets and relieve the CEO of any administrative and documentation tasks during coaching calls.

  • Communicate with clients regarding necessary announcements or reminders.

  • Relay to the CEO any feedback heard from clients. For example, additional resources that could be developed, videos to be filmed, questions to answer, or topics to address.

  • Communicate with potential clients within free Facebook group.

  • Assist in coordinating details for Live Events and Retreats for the staff and clientele.

  • Able to effectively work side by side with CEO and any other hired staff to move big projects forward.

  • To assist with any other tasks not directly in need of CEO and ANY other duties deemed necessary by the CEO. ​


  • Overall, to ensure the streamlining of communication and operations, management of administrative tasks, documentation of client and business progress in order to increase back-office efficiency and productivity resulting in the continual elevation of the current and future client membership experience to execute the mission of the company, to be about being better.

  • All Appointments, meetings, events are calendared in a timely fashion and reminders are set to preference.

  • All business critical documents are saved and filed properly.

  • All Gen;s Gym action items are properly tracked/updated daily on their respective tracking spreadsheets.

  • All potential and current client communication is effectively managed, responded to, and dealt with in a timely and professional manner.

  • All necessary components of the new client onboarding process for the CEO’s coaching programs are completed in a timely and professional manner.

  • Relieving the CEO of documentation and administrative asks during coaching calls allowing for the CEO to give clients her full attention and have clients feel supported.

  • All clients have questions answered, and messages/posts responded to in less than 24 hours to ensure an extraordinary membership experience.

  • All clients needing additional support are served to optimize their membership experience and the results they obtain from the coaching program.

  • Any and all interactions not needing my role directly are screened and handled.

  • All interactions are screened and handled appropriately, reaching out to CEO and other staff as needed for decision making.

  • All messages from members of the free Facebook group, are responded to in a timely manner and are communicated with in a positive and supportive manner, increasing the sense of belonging and lead conversion.

  • All challenges and workshops held in the free Facebook group, are executed smoothly, professionally, and in an engaging manner to increase sense of belonging and likelihood of lead conversion.

  • All events are planned, coordinated, and managed ahead of time.

  • CEO does not have to search or ask for answers, the Assistant Coach finds and deliver the answers and anticipates the answers the CEO needs.

  • Systems to improve the work life of the CEO, the membership experience of the or the experience of the free Facebook group are designed and implemented consistently (i.e. new ways to streamline/filter communication or ways to optimize time and productivity).



  • Works well under tight deadlines and is punctual.

  • Able to consistently maintain a positive, “can-do” attitude no matter what and reflect the demeanor of CEO.

  • Highly detailed-oriented.

  • Expert communication and customer service skills. Both written and spoken.

  • Self-sufficient and able to properly manage one’s own time.

  • Ability to adapt with a fast growing company and the changing of the outlined role.

  • Must have flexible availability to work on weekends and evenings.

  • Working knowledge of GSuite - Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs as well as a willingness to learn new skills and technology platforms.

  • A positive role model for our clients, living a health and balanced lifestyle.



  • Graduate of the Happy Bod Squad.

  • Any certifications relative to health, fitness, or psychology.

  • Experience with Mailchimp, MyFitnessPal, Trainerize, Zoom or Thinkific.

  • Experience in coaching, teaching, or mentorship.

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