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How Would It Feel If You Could Eat ANYTHING And Train HOWEVER You Wanted, WITHOUT Sabotaging Your Results? 

I HIGHLY SUGGEST Watching This Video Before Applying For The Program

Most weight loss programs totally suck. In fact, they often do more harm than good.


They teach you to fear food, make you feel bad for wanting things like ice cream or wine, and tell you you have to give up your entire social life in order to be fit. They focus on short term weight loss instead of helping you actually live a life that you love. A life where you feel confident in your own skin, comfortable putting yourself out there, and capable of being your best self. 

Don’t know where to start? Are you having a hard time overcoming your fear of food? Is it a struggle each day to figure out what to do in the kitchen or gym? Are you stuck in a negative mindset and feeling frustrated? Trust me, I get it.


Whether Your Goal Is To Lose 50lbs Or You Just Want To Improve Your Health + Happiness, You Deserve To...


✅ Have a better relationship with food where you don't shame yourself for having that cookie...


✅ Be able to throw on any outfit in your closet and LOVE how you look...


✅ Have the energy to be active with your friends, family, or kids instead of worrying about slowing everyone else down...


✅ Have more fun and freedom with your friends or significant other and say YES to fun outings and beach trips instead of worrying about how uncomfortable you are...GOD forbid someone want to snap a group photo together either...


✅ Enjoy wearing your favorite summer clothes like shorts, a tank top, and a *gasp* bikini...


✅ OR enjoy wearing nothing at all because you feel sexy and confident in your own skin...


✅ Learn how to not just lose weight, but keep it off in a balanced and sustainable way you feel like you can maintain for a lifetime...

Which Is Exactly Why I Created The Happy Bod Squad.


Hi, I'm Gen, Women's Weight Loss Expert and CNC. I help career oriented women lose weight, gain confidence, create more energy so that they can advance in their career AND feel sexy and confident in their own skin. 


I've coached hundreds of women and helped them ditch the diet mentality through my online coaching program, The Happy Bod Squad.


After going through my own weight loss journey of losing (and keeping off) over 50lbs, I know what it’s like to let the way you feel about your body stop you from going after what you truly want. I let my weight define my own worth when it came to my ability to be happy, have meaningful relationships, enjoy a healthy social life, and have a career that fulfills me.


I spent YEARS trying to lose weight and gain confidence, but every diet or workout program I tried was too intense, complex, restrictive, or confusing. I felt like I was being forced to choose between my happiness and my health...and that's exactly why I created the Happy Bod Squad. Now, my mission is to empower women to find happiness in their health in a way that feels easy and sustainable so you can have the BODY and LIFE you've always wanted.



What is the Happy Bod Squad™ Program?

My passion is helping women realize their full potential by teaching them to have control over their bodies and daily lives.

The Happy Bod Squad is an online coaching program, designed for women who want to transform their body and life in as little as 90 days. Whether your goal is to lose 50lbs, or 15lbs, we have the systems and tools to get you where you want to go...without spending 3 hours a day in the gym and sacrificing your social life.

Who is the Happy Bod Squad For?

• Do you feel confused about the right foods to eat for your body?

• Do you feel lost about what to do to actually lose weight and keep it off?

• Do you feel frustrated when you are getting ready for work or going out with friends because you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes or confident in your own skin?


Trust me, I get it.


You probably even find yourself struggling with  emotional eating at times, and constantly thinking about food - almost like you have no control....

Why does the Happy Bod Squad Work?

Because I have been in your shoes and had to overcome the same struggles as you.

I work with women to replace harmful thoughts with ones of self-love, self-respect, and self-confidence. If you’re ready to improve your self-esteem, regain control over food, and feel happy and confident in your own skin, I’ve got you! In my program...

• You can prep easy and delicious meals without spending hours in the kitchen

• You can still eat all of your favorite foods without feeling guilty

• You can feel full without restricting your calories

• You can lose weight without going to the gym 6x/week

• You can still have an amazing social life and career without sacrificing your goals


Client Results


"Before the HBS I only ever knew two eating styles: extreme restrictive diets or gorging out on whatever I wanted. Now, I eat more than ever, and it’s food that I enjoy! 


Thanks to the HBS I have pushed myself beyond my previously set limits and have been amazed at what my body can do when I gave it the opportunity to be successful.


This program has given me the courage to love myself. For the first time in my life, I am happy with who I am.”

     - Catherine C.


“When I started the Happy Bod Squad, I was borderline overweight, I felt like crap, and I didn’t know how to change.


In 12 weeks working with Gen, I lost 17 lbs and dropped almost 2 dress sizes. I know how to actually eat things nutritious for my body, love exercising, and am way more confident! I even used this new found confidence to negotiate a 30% raise at work!”

- Kaitlin L.


“Before the Happy Bod Squad, I was depressed, sluggish, tired ALL the time, I took lots of naps and I ate fast food more often than not because it was convenient. 

There are not enough words to describe how thankful and blessed I am to have found Gen's Gym. I'm happier with myself. I sleep better. I've gotten a lot of compliments about my weight loss and have even inspired others to start their own health journeys.

Thank you so much Gen for all that you have done for me and given me.”

Monica S.


"Gen really helped me start believing in myself.

Before I found Gen I honestly did not like myself. I stopped taking care of myself physically which led to becoming overweight. I'd tried so many diets and was super discouraged after failing time and again. I didn't feel like I had any energy to spend on being social, my job, school, and especially losing weight.

I lost a total of 12lbs and 15 inches. I am down TWO pant sizes. And I feel really heathy. My mental health is more of a priority and I am better at taking care of myself mentally and physically."

     - Rachel Z.


“The HBS taught me how to focus on mindset and gratitude and has literally changed my life.


Before the HBS I was diagnosed with depression, and I feel like I was letting that diagnosis define me and my actions. Now, when I get in a dark head space, I have strategies and tools to help me see the light at the end of the tunnel.


My energy has increased. I am more aware of my emotions and how my body is feeling. It is amazing to see and feel how when you invest time and energy into yourself, you actually get more energy to invest in the people you love! I feel empowered, passionate, and driven again!!”

     - Stephanie S.


“I feel SO empowered with all the knowledge I've gained from the HBS - not only on how to eat and exercise, but how to ask for help when I need it and to give help when I can. I learned how to eat healthier options and and control my cravings. I feel more confident, toned, and energized.


I am just so happy that I decided to do this for myself. It was worth the money, time, tears, and difficult feelings that came up. I grew so much in these past 12 weeks. Thanks to Gen’s Gym, I CAN do things that I set my mind to if I work really hard at it and ask for help when I need it. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.”

     - Jordan H.


"Before joining the HBS I was mentally drained and felt constantly sick from all of the gross food I kept putting into my body that I thought I needed to de-stress. Thanks to the HBS I can’t remember the last time I stress ate!

During the program, I lost 20 pounds, but more importantly my old clothes are fitting again and I can’t wait to see where the next year takes me! This year I’m looking to make this health journey a more integral and permanent part of my life instead of just this “thing” I'm doing right now."

     - Jessica L.


“After HBS I feel healthier, happier than ever. I am encouraged that I can meet and exceed my goals..I can be fit and strong, and I can just do it!


I have less cravings and feel less of a need to partake in every drink or sweet option offered to me -- I don't feel like I am "missing out". I don't feel guilty for eating the things I love (pizza, in-n-out, ice cream, etc) in moderation now. This is a LIFESTYLE and I finally realize that.”

     - Bree E.


"During my time in the HBS I lost 30lbs!


I have an amazing relationship with food now. I no longer make myself feel guilty about any of the food I eat. Literally, I eat ice cream and drink wine on the reg while still losing weight. I am able to live my life and lose weight because I have shifted my mindset from restrictive and self-deprecating to having discipline and realism with my food in a self-loving way.


Gen is amazing and truly there for you and she truly cares about you and your journey."

   -  Stephanie H.


“Joining the HBS has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself. I never truly believed in myself and never thought I would be able to lose weight and feel this good so easily. So thank you so much for doing this and helping out so many women. I’m forever grateful for you.


I no longer beat myself up or talk down on myself. I LOVE working out now and know how to handle my cravings. I walk into rooms with confidence and am just HAPPY.”

     - Kayla M.


“I have been told by dozens of people how much happier, healthier, and vibrant I seem. I feel AMAZING in my clothes, and all of the clothes that I was aiming to fit back into are TOO SMALL!


I have let go of all the stress and anxiety that I had around health/exercise/nutrition because I KNOW that I am making the healthiest choices for myself and crave healthy foods and working out. 


     - Becca B.


"Before the HBS, I felt lost. I felt as if every single thing I tried didn’t work. I would try something for 2 or 3 weeks and then give up. Gen taught me valuable ways to make my progress sustainable, which is exactly what I was looking for.


My relationships, outlook on life, and priorities have all changed for the better as a result of the HBS. For anyone on the fence about joining Gen's program, I want you to know that if I can do it, so can you. It’s worth it because it’s sustainable and so damn motivating that even if you break your leg (which I DID!) in the midst of it, you’ll want to keep going."

    - Katherine P.



Custom Workout Plan

Whether you want to workout at home or the gym, we will create a customized plan that allows you to shed fat and build feminine curves, without spending 3 hours a day in the gym. In fact, most clients only workout 3-4x/week! Workouts are delivered through the exclusive Gen's Gym App where you have to CHECK IN for your workouts, so we know whether or not you are doing them, haha.


Custom Nutrition Plan

Together, we will create a detailed nutrition plan that fits in to your lifestyle and helps you reach your goals. Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you so we will tell you what to eat, how to prepare it, and how to fit in your favorite foods! We will teach you how to eat for your goal body, provide recipes, nutrition audits, and constant feedback.

Untitled design.png

Mindset Course

Not only will we show you what to do, but we will teach you WHY it's important and HOW to do it consistently. As your coach, my job is not only to make you look good, but to help you FEEL great. So, we will also teach you how to feel happier, more confident, and show you how to have fun while losing weight so that you can love your body AND your life.


The Happy Bod Squad Comes with 14 Modules focused on helping you create a better relationship with food, your body, your mind, and exercise. We do this by demystifying diet culture and weight loss gimmicks.




Whether you have a question about your workouts or you just need someone to tell you to put the jar of peanut butter down...we gotchu. You will have DAILY access to Gen and the coaches so we can get you the support when you actually need it and you can feel fully accountable for your actions knowing someone is looking over your shoulder.


Each week you will submit a weekly checkin form updating your progress. We provide same day response AND daily coaching calls in either community wide, office hour, or 1-1 format so we can get you the support you need in order to progress quickly and effectively.


VIP Community 


Lastly, you will receive 24/7 access to the Happy Bod Squad Community on Slack. Weight loss can feel really scary and lonely at times....which is exactly why we connect you with other likeminded women on the exact journey as you. 


Our Happy Bod Squad Community is a safe space for you to share your struggles, seek and give support, and celebrate your wins. By surrounding yourself with other women who are also focused on their health goals, it creates a winner environment where not only are you motivated because of your own goals, but you're now motivated because you have an amazing group of women counting on you too!


1. Fill out a Coaching Application


Due to overwhelming interest, spots for coaching are limited. We get the best results for our clients, and have to be selective with the women we work with. Therefore, in order to work together, you need to apply and let us know how serious you are about transforming your life.

2. Phone Interview

If your application is approved, myself or a member of my team will reach out to book a call. We will discuss your current situation, obstacles and goals you have and
how we can help you bridge this gap. We will help you determine what YOU need in order to be successful.

3. Acceptance

If you are accepted into the program, you will be invited to join right away! No more delaying your goals. Please only apply for this program and hop on a call with us if you are ready to take action. This is not for those who want free advice or to 'dip their toes in the water.'



Gen Coco


NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, Women's Weight Loss Expert, and NLP Master Practitioner

After struggling with my weight and body image my entire life, I truly felt like I would never be able to lose weight and be healthy or happy. After years of self doubt and self loathing, I decided it was time to educate myself on what it TRULY meant to be healthy. I learned everything I could about health and fitness and had to unlearn all of the past diet culture myths I used to believe. I was able to lose 50lbs naturally, without any weird gimmicks. I know what it takes to get results, and it isn’t just “eat less, move more,” like your mom says.


By breaking the emotional eating addiction and replacing it with my nutrition, fitness & mindset foundation for the Happy Bod Squad, together we destroy the self-abuse and rebuild with the powerful body (and spirit) you’ve always craved. I learned the key to happiness in health was loving yourself towards healthy instead of hating yourself towards skinny.


Because it isn’t just about how you look…. It’s about how the world looks to you. And making you feel like you’re on top of it is my specialty.


Coach Shannon


Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach,  ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Binge Eating Disordered Specialist

I have coached women to achieve their goals for over 20 years as a personal trainer, fitness competition coach, and nutrition specialist.

Body image has always been a struggle for me since my late teenage years as a track athlete and professional ballet dancer. I was striving to be "perfect" by starving myself. When I was in my mid 20s, I got into the fitness/bodybuilding competition world.  Although I did win several championship titles, it was at a great cost: no social life, ruining my metabolism, and developing new eating disorders and body image issues. At the age of 40, I finally retired from competing and regained my life through my faith in God and making health my priority over how I looked. I love being able to educate women on the balance of healthy eating and proper exercise, but doing it in a way that reflects self-love and empowerment. I am honored and privileged to be part of this amazing team of coaches who all believe in doing just that.

Team GG Beach Headshots 2022 (2).png

Coach Alanna


B.S. Exercise Science and Nutrition, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC), Certified Women's Hormone Health Coach (IIN)

I grew up with a very strong athletic background which naturally led me to expand my studies into health, nutrition, and fitness. I have worked alongside various athletes and many women who look to eliminate stress and regain their confidence through prioritizing a balanced lifestyle. I have 6+ years of experience implementing my coaching with women worldwide, allowing them to take the floor and become in control of their confidence as they navigate a new journey to become their best selves. By sharing my personal journey, trials and tribulations with my clients, I connect on a deeper level of understanding as well as creating a powerful and welcoming, comfortable, and safe space for my clients to make big changes. I  am a lover of all animals, a dedicated dog mom, and love to travel! I come from a family of confident, driven and powerful women who have helped me form into who I am today. 

ariel website headshot_edited.jpg

Coach Ariel


Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Strength Specialist, Certified Mastery Method Coach

I have been coaching women for over 5 years. I became passionate about health and fitness after years of struggling with low self confidence, toxic behavior patterns and feeling totally out of control in my own life. The gym became my new safe space and release. I quickly fell in love with the process because pushing myself with weights or during a workout helped me feel stronger and more capable in other areas of my life outside of the gym too. 


I became certified as a personal trainer and later specialized in strength training to teach women how to lift and fuel their bodies to look and perform their best. My intention is to help you build confidence and become the strongest version of yourself, inside and out.

I have a foundation's first approach and believe simple, sustainable + nailing the basics gets the best results. My goal is always to empower you with education, skills + support to achieve your goals + sustain them for life! I'm so honored and excited to help you build a healthy and active lifestyle that allows you to experience MORE of life, not less. 


Coach Rio


NASM Certified Personal Trainer, PTA Global Behavior Change in Exercise Certification, Yoga 200 Hour Certified Instructor, Certified Precision Nutrition Coach and PN Sleep Specialist


My passion is helping my community live a healthier, thoughtful and more sustainable life by teaching each individual I can how to live well. I’ve had the pleasure of having a training clientele of many demographics ranging from the high school athlete to men and women in their 80s. Outside of exercise and movement, I have a big focus on teaching about mindful eating, what labels mean and how to sustain a healthy diet, not be ON a diet.Several years ago, my mother suffered a massive stroke that left her hospitalized for 3 months. I dedicated a full year to being personally responsible for her every day recovery. I will say, that was the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life. That experience has solidified my mission to help others to never have to go through that struggle my mother and I went through.The most important thing I like my clients to remember, is that your BIGGEST life responsibility is your health. Because otherwise, where would you be without it?

Coach Kate 

Team GG Beach Headshots 2022 (4).png

Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology, M.S. Clinical Nutrition, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and NASM Nutrition Coach

My passion for fitness and nutrition began while training for my first marathon. Once I discovered the power of nutrition for marathon performance and overall health, it became a pillar and fundamental aspect of my life. 


I’ve been working in fitness for 10 years, and have 8 years of experience coaching, specializing in injury prevention and improper body mechanics. I’m a firm believer that exercise is medicine that can transform you in a holistic way if done correctly and safely.


I love helping women discover how amazing it feels to be strong, to fuel their bodies properly, and to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. My goal is to help you trust the process and fall in love with the journey to create a sustainable lifestyle change with the proper guidance and support – and the right macros!


Coach Ayla


Certified Personal Trainer (PT), Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), and Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner (ROHP)


As a competitive athlete growing up,I have always had a passion for the health and wellness industry. From a young age I dove into any opportunity that allowed me to challenge my body both physically and mentally. I grew up with a strong presence in competitive sports. Soccer, swimming, marathon running, triathlons, anything that challenged both my body and mind. This served as an aggregate to my desire to better understand how to support the body from a holistic perspective.


After understanding how unique and important our bodies are, I decided to further my education in holistic nutrition where I actively learned to understand bio-individual needs through a holistic lens.


With 10+ years in the nutrition and fitness industry, I strongly believe that everyone is unique and as a result deserves to be understood as so. 


Stephanie H.


Master of Social Work, 200 Yoga Teacher Training Certified, AFPA Holistic Nutrition Certified

Before I joined Gens Gym as a client, I tried allll the fad diet/workout plans under the sun. I kept gaining and losing the same 50lbs! I was over the gimmicks and just wanted something that would last forever. I wanted a healthy relationship with food, I wanted to not avoid my reflection when passing a mirror or to cringe when I saw myself tagged in photos. I wanted to fit comfortably in my clothes again AND I wanted to wake up happy. I felt *knew* what I needed to do to get there, I just needed professional guidance. 


The Happy Bod Squad was exactly what I needed. During the program I lost 30 pounds and after went on to lose a total of 85lbs!! I am a healthier, happier, and more loving person. I now wake up and feel energized. I know my experience through the process has been transformative and if I love getting to help people take the big leap to completely transform their lives too.

headshot2023 (1).jpg

Coach Angela


NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

I have been helping people create a healthier lifestyle that is both fulfilling and sustainable for the past 8 years. Growing up, I struggled with body image and was constantly stuck in the yo-yo dieting cycle. When I found the gym and how good it felt to be strong, it completely changed my mindset on how I viewed myself and what I was capable of. It motivated me to compete in both powerlifting and bodybuilding, and while I’d found success in both sports, I knew that it was not a sustainable way to eat and train for the long-term. After having my daughter, my passion became teaching other women how to build a healthier mindset, consistent habits, and self-love in order to achieve their goals. 


As a mother and a military wife, I understand how easy it is to put your health and goals on the back burner; my mission in life is to educate women on how to properly fuel their body in a way that is not restrictive or shame-based, to show them that exercise can be FUN and not a form of punishment, and to empower them to live fully and unapologetically as strong, confident women in every facet of their lives. 

Vali Headshot.png

Vali H.


I am SO excited to help women discover their love for themselves again through the amazing transformational program the Happy Bod Squad offers women around the world.


After a successful career in corporate sales spanning 25 years, I decided to follow my passion and help women discover the joy of fitness, connection with other women, and just joy of life through riding bikes.


Some people are influencers, I am a connector. I connect people with people and solutions. In 2014, as a member of the inaugural Trek Women’s Advocate Program, I developed rides and programs which helped women become more self-sufficient and confident in everything related to road and mountain bikes. At that same time, Hammer Nutrition asked me to become a Fueling Expert, and travel to various retail locations to educate riders and triathletes about their products, so I added that to my new career! It was love at first connection… I paired the fueling with the confidence and abilities on bikes, and built a great community of women who raced, rode, and just had fun together! 


Christine S.


After being diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 22, I questioned everything I knew about healthy eating. I grew up eating the traditional diet, and was active up until how could I get sick?

After years of being on up to 12 medications a day, I made the decision to focus on living a healthy lifestyle that was full of nutritious foods and cultivating a growth mindset. After a few months of following this lifestyle, my symptoms were in remission! Even so, I still struggled with consistency and feeling confident in my own skin.

 It wasn’t until I joined Gens Gym and became a client of the Happy Bod Squad, that I was able to finally break the mental and physical barriers that have been holding me back all these years. I can finally look in the mirror and be proud of the woman looking back at me - no matter what comes my way. I’m so grateful to not only be a client of Gens but also apart of the team!


Addie D.


My own transformational journey has motivated me to guide other women through their own healing journeys. Being able to promote the health and wellbeing of the women in Gen's Gym and The Happy Bod Squad has been deeply gratifying. Helping women take the leap and transform their lives is truly a gift!


Growing up on a farm and spending most of my time outdoors, my passion for health and fitness began at a young age. As I got older, I transitioned that energy into playing volleyball and continued to play the sport through college until I suffered a head injury that forced me to take a step back from the game. Both the year that it took for me to heal from that injury and graduating were a shock to my system. For the first time, I had to learn how to navigate nutrition and exercise on my own.


Throughout my journey over these past few years, I have used somatic therapy to do trauma work and I have transitioned to a all natural and organic diet. I have also rediscovered my love of the outdoors, where I spend most of my free time hiking, biking, and white water rafting.


Catherine C.


Jordan H.


Kaitlin L.


Alyssa D.


Em B.


Are you ready to start the journey to become GENUINELY happy in 90 days?

If we can do it, you can do it too. Don't let another day go by where you ask yourself, "what if?"

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