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Custom Workout Plan

Whether you want to workout at home or the gym, we will create a customized plan that allows you to shed fat and build feminine curves, without spending 3 hours a day in the gym. In fact, most clients only workout 3-4x/week! Workouts are delivered through the exclusive Gen's Gym App where you have to CHECK IN for your workouts, so we know whether or not you are doing them, haha.


Custom Nutrition Plan

Together, we will create a detailed nutrition plan that fits in to your lifestyle and helps you reach your goals. Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you so we will tell you what to eat, how to prepare it, and how to fit in your favorite foods! We will teach you how to eat for your goal body, provide recipes, nutrition audits, and constant feedback.

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Mindset Course

Not only will we show you what to do, but we will teach you WHY it's important and HOW to do it consistently. As your coach, my job is not only to make you look good, but to help you FEEL great. So, we will also teach you how to feel happier, more confident, and show you how to have fun while losing weight so that you can love your body AND your life.


The Happy Bod Squad Comes with 14 Modules focused on helping you create a better relationship with food, your body, your mind, and exercise. We do this by demystifying diet culture and weight loss gimmicks.




Whether you have a question about your workouts or you just need someone to tell you to put the jar of peanut butter down...we gotchu. You will have DAILY access to Gen and the coaches so we can get you the support when you actually need it and you can feel fully accountable for your actions knowing someone is looking over your shoulder.


Each week you will submit a weekly checkin form updating your progress. We provide same day response AND daily coaching calls in either community wide, office hour, or 1-1 format so we can get you the support you need in order to progress quickly and effectively.


VIP Community 


Lastly, you will receive 24/7 access to the Happy Bod Squad Community on Slack. Weight loss can feel really scary and lonely at times....which is exactly why we connect you with other likeminded women on the exact journey as you. 


Our Happy Bod Squad Community is a safe space for you to share your struggles, seek and give support, and celebrate your wins. By surrounding yourself with other women who are also focused on their health goals, it creates a winner environment where not only are you motivated because of your own goals, but you're now motivated because you have an amazing group of women counting on you too!


Most weight loss programs totally suck. In fact, they often do more harm than good.


They teach you to fear food, make you feel bad for wanting things like ice cream or wine, and tell you you have to give up your entire social life in order to be fit. They focus on short term weight loss instead of helping you actually live a life that you love. A life where you feel confident in your own skin, comfortable putting yourself out there, and capable of being your best self.


Whether Your Goal Is To Lose 50lbs Or You Just Want To Focus On Your Health, You Deserve To...


✅ Have a better relationship with food where you don't shame yourself for having that one cookie...


✅ Be able to throw on any outfit in your closet and LOVE how you look...


✅ Have the energy to be active with your friends, family, or kids instead of worrying about slowing everyone else down...


✅ Have more fun and freedom with your friends or significant other and say YES to fun outtings and beach trips instead of worrying about how uncomfortable you are...GOD forbid someone want to snap a group photo together either...


✅ Enjoy wearing your favorite summer clothes like shorts, a tank top, and a bikini...


✅ OR enjoy wearing nothing at all because you feel sexy and confident in your own skin...


✅ Learn how to not just lose weight, but keep it off in a balanced and sustainable way you feel like you can maintain for a lifetime...


Which Is Exactly Why I Created The Happy Bod Squad.


How much does coaching coast?

The exact price of your coaching package will depend entirely on your current situation — that's why we save specifics for your consultation call! Because the program is fully customized and takes a 360º approach to your health, this is not a generic subscription service. You will have daily access to Gen and the Coaches along with unlimited coaching calls...which is why our clients are so successful! 

How are you different than other programs?

Aside from our 360º holistic approach to nutrition, exercise, and mindset paired with our daily accountability...the one thing that truly sets Gen's Gym and The Happy Bod Squad apart from other programs is our personal struggles with weight loss...Gen battled for YEARS to lose weight and overcome her negative relationship with food. From secret late night binges, to skipping social gatherings out of fear of being judged for her weight, Gen and her team have experienced it all...and not only that, but they've learned how to keep the weight OFF in a balanced and sustainable way that still allows them to live their life.


Am I going to have to give up my favorite foods and follow a restrictive meal plan?

Absolutely not! In fact, this is why most weightloss programs fail. Because they set unrealistic and unsustainable standards that while you may see results in the beginning, they set you up for failure in the long run. Instead, we believe in helping you find BALANCE in your nutrition. We do this by providing consistent feedback on your current eating habits, teaching you a nutritional foundation of macro + micro nutrients, and showing you how to enjoy your favorite foods without experiencing the compulsion to binge and overeat - leading to the guilt spiral so many of us experience.


Do I need access to a gym or workout experience?

Nope! Because the program is custom built for you, we will create workouts with whatever you have access to. We can create gym, dumbbell only, resistance band only, or even body weight only workouts for you and your lifestyle. Wherever you are in your fitness journey - just starting out, some experience on and off, or a D1 athlete...we can build workouts that are both fun and challenging all while getting you the results you desire! 


How long will it take to see results?

While weight loss results may vary based on current health and program compliance, most clients report noticing a difference in as little as 1-2 weeks.


That said, results may vary...which is why we like our clients to look at this not as some 30 day challenge or 12 week program..but as a lifestyle shift, which as you guessed it, takes time! 


I've tried so many things that I am scared to have another failure under my belt. How can you guarantee I will see results in this program?

Look...I get it. I invested THOUSANDS of dollars and years of my life on programs that never worked. Either they were too restrictive, too time consuming, or too confusing/complicated for me to stick to. And that's exactly why I created the Happy Bod Squad! 


The average woman tries to lose weight 5x per year. That's almost every other month...which means every single one of our clients, like you, tried and failed many times before finding us. I know it's scary taking that plunge yet again, but you deserve to keep fighting for the body and life you want.

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